Name: Princess Anastasia Romanov

Age: 14
Special Skill: Snapshot, Photo Album
Element: Water
Weapon: Mechanical Eggs

Fourth princess of the Romanov dynasty her cute appearance
belies her devilish personality. She is determined to save her
motherland of Russia.



Name MP Description
Snapshot 1 Anastasia summons her trusty camera, already on a tripod. She instructs the enemy to 'look this way' and photographs them. If the Panoramic Lens accessory if equipped, all enemies are photographed in one flash.

Name MP Description
Aqua Raise 36 Summons Victor's familiar, Pendulum. A pool of toxic water appears at the enemy's feet and splashes at then, resulting in Water damage and Poison.
Direct Press 28 Summons Hati. A massive, heavy weight drops from the sky on a chain, crushing the enemy flat and removing half his Hit Points.
Cash Steal 72 Summons Lucia's cat, Andre. Andre scratches at the enemy's 'wallet', breaking it and spilling out coins.
Remove 88 Summons Veronica's dog, Oscar. Nullifies one enemy's increases Status effect.
Falling Leaves 1 Summons Tengu. Allow characters to Run Away from a battle(100% chance).
Pillage Storm 38 Summons the Mini-Tanukis. A gust blows through the enemy, making them drop any item they are carrying.
Power Cannon 72 Summons Lt. Col Terada's machine, Mecha Lord. The robot opens up a large cannon on its chest and fires a powerful ray through its enemy.
Spirit Ward 80 Summons King Tamakos. Drives one enemy away from the battle.
Nightmare 56 Summons Bailey. Reduces one enemy's HP to 1.
Euthansia 88 Summons Orobas. A whirlpool forms around the enemy, and a large column of water engulfs the enemy, inflicting heavy Water damage and causing multiple status effects.